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P.W. de Mooy is an export company that focuses on the Finnish market. Cut flowers, Decoration green, Plants and Deco Material are our specialties.
Thanks to our unique webshop system you can easily purchase all your flower shop related products.


P.W. The Mooy has a team with a lot of experience as a flower wholesaler. We offer a weekly delivery time for each customer. We work with the latest developments regarding transport and flower conditioning. This is necessary due to the extreme weather conditions in Finland.
This makes our company very reliable for a weekly delivery in Finland.


Through 20 years of experience on the Finnish flower market, we know exactly which products are suitable for our customers. A wide network of growers and suppliers whereby only the best products and quality can be guaranteed.


Thanks to our team we offer a piece of personality to our customers. Direct communication between customers in Finland and our sales people / product buyers at the flower auction is very important. The customer’s wishes come directly to our product buyers. All this to make the customer satisfied.


The flower market consists of many seasonal products, this is very dependent on weather conditions in the country where the product comes from. Our specialty is finding the right quality and products all over the world. So that the customer gets the desired quality.


A large logistics range in Finland through weekly routes that are driven by our trucks. External transporters are also used so that customers outside our route can also be delivered.


Our “Direct from Car” Webshop is unique in Finland. Our system allows the customer to order our products until the evening before the products are delivered the next day. Our extensive range is online every Friday from 13.00h.



Our new online store is unique.
We have been specializing in cut flowers for over twenty years. We cooperate with Waterdrinker, the largest supplier of potted plants in the Netherlands, and Daan Kromhout, a supplier of decorative and floral materials.

You can place an order for cut flowers online during the weekend and we deliver your order within a few days.

If you are interested, ask for your own username to login to our webshop!


    Laan van Verhof 3
    2231 BZ Rijnsburg
    Location F3.18

    Kvk nr. 34142507
    Vat nr. Holland: NL003167744B01
    Vat nr. Finland: FI 15137421

    Iban Holland: NL74RABO0110139895
    Iban Finland: FI21 1279 3000 5149 80


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